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New York, NY

Beau Monde Society is a New York City based eco-focused fashion agency startup specializing in creating colorful fashion stories and event production. Our annual eco-collective, entitled Fashion Envie (Fashion + Environment + Life) highlights independent fashion designers and artists in a curated setting.

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Reintroducing Ms SADE ADU by Beau Monde Society X Teff Theory to celebrate 33 years since the release of Diamond Life and debut of her 1st single, "Your Love Is King" on February 25th, 1984. BMS honors her legacy and influence in music, fashion, and performance art.


My first encounter with Sade, the band, was in the late 80s in my parent’s living room in Nigeria. She was performing Smooth Operator. Her first studio album, Diamond Life was released in 1984. A few months after, I was born. I think I loved her from the womb. Naturally, I gravitated to her voice and presence.  Of course I had no clue what she was singing about but as I got older, I learned of SADE ADU, the artist, her Nigerian background, and lyrics that would forever inspire the woman I am to become.

Fast forward to 2016, I met my muse Annette Begg who coincidentally is Nigerian and Scottish (Sade is Nigerian and British) in New York City. From our very fateful meeting, I knew I had found my “Sade.” Special thanks to her for bringing Sade's essence to this project. As I did before with my IMAN fashion story, I researched some of my favourite looks of Sade. They were too many and the process of elimination was hard. I decided on 8 looks that celebrated her artistic enigma, beauty, and universal appeal. My homage to Sade Adu would come full circle, as it would take a small team to bring this tribute to life. My sister Stephanie captured the first 7 looks and brother Francis-King brought home the iconic Sade denim on denim look.

Team Credits

Muse – Annette Begg

Fashion Story/Styling/Creative Direction - Jennifer Nnamani

Photography/Art Direction - Stephanie Nnamani

Additional Photography – Francis-King Nnamani


Make-up - Makeup Pro

Special thanks to my cousin Amaka Nnamani for opening up her home to my team.