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New York, NY

Beau Monde Society is a New York City based eco-focused fashion agency startup specializing in creating colorful fashion stories and event production. Our annual eco-collective, entitled Fashion Envie (Fashion + Environment + Life) highlights independent fashion designers and artists in a curated setting.

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ICHEKU, as Igbo people in Nigeria call it, grows in dense forests in Africa and can be found in 4 other African nations. African velvet tamarind as it is generally called was/is one of my favorite fruits. Little did I know Icheku's healthy benefits!
During recess, I'd hail a street hawker with her tray ladened with Icheku. I've always been amazed by its beauty and texture. Nothing was more interesting than Icheku.
Enters stunning beauty, Nyadhour, from South Sudan, born and raised in L.A. For this beauty to not be signed still bewilders me! Her face and lack of discovery immediately reminded me of Icheku--A powerful fruit ensconced in a black velvety exterior. 
I discovered Nyadhour back in May but found out she was based in L.A! As always, I was inspired to work with her upon reaching L.A. for my 3rd adventure. This was by far, the quickest shoot (5 looks in less than 3 hours) with a team of 3 (Girl Power!)! 

I was inspired to name this story ICHEKU simply because of the colors, texture, and energy of the shoot. We always need that burst of energy to awaken our young self and creative juices again. ICHEKU can be seen in the November 2017 beauty issue of Ellements Magazine.

Team Credits:
Photographer: Jassieuo
Makeup Artist: Champaine Ivy
Muse/Model: Nyadhour
Wardrobe/Coordinator/Fashion Storyteller: Jennifer Nnamani for Beau Monde Society
Designers: Orange Jacket by Layana Aguilar, Yellow Moon dress & Purple laser cut pants by Margo Isadora, Eyelet top by Soleita Kabwasa, Yellow pants by Kahkti.