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New York, NY

Beau Monde Society is a New York City based eco-focused fashion agency startup specializing in creating colorful fashion stories and event production. Our annual eco-collective, entitled Fashion Envie (Fashion + Environment + Life) highlights independent fashion designers and artists in a curated setting.

Welcome to a Sustainable Future!


Each project brings a new perspective-- a story that yearns to be told. Fashion as a raw art form and style as our individualistic interpretation paints a colorful and vibrant picture that celebrates who we are."-- Jennifer Nnamani, BMS Founder & Creative Director

These are Beau Monde Society's Photo Stories seen through the creative eye of Jennifer Nnamani.

Fashion Envie's Oxo Monochrome Press Shoot (As seen in Okayafrica)

Model: Yasminda MAJOR Models New York
Makeup by Makeup Pro
Hair by Lea DeLoy
Photography by Stephanie Nnamani
Creative Direction by Jennifer Nnamani

Designers (in order of appearance) Nyorh Agwe, Marielle|Ejiama, EAUSEENON, Fei Mancho, and KAHKTI

Model Feature on Ombrage Magazine

Top Model Nik Stewart
Plaid jacket & pink quilted dress by Layana Aguilar
Blue jumpsuit and white dress by Mosaic By Ali
Photography by Jimmy Cheung
Assistant to Photographer Starr Callahan
Styling/Production by Jennifer Nnamani
Hair by Lea DeLoy
Makeup by Makeup Pro


I.M.A.N (As seen in Okay Africa & Saint Heron)

I.M.A.N (an acronym for Inspiring. Maven. Archetype. Neo-African) fashion story is inspired by the captivating and international supermodel IMAN. I embarked on this fashion story in 2012-- first I had to find the perfect model that I felt would embody her essence and likeness. As a young Nigerian girl, I first encountered IMAN in Michael Jackson’s “Remember The Time” music film. Her poise was magical and since then, she has enamored me. The I.M.A.N editorial serves to pay homage to her contributions to the fashion industry as well as my interpretation of IMAN's elegant yet funky style. Finally, in the summer of 2015, I had the perfect team assembled. Set in Soho New York City with its diverse backdrops, the story of I.M.A.N unfolded into 5 distinguished looks that portray her vibrant story as a celebrated fashion icon.


The Look

Yellow Cape pantsuit: KAHKTI by Akuabata Nnamani (

Blue Dress: DEMESTIKS New York by Reuben Reuel (

Black Dress by AIKO (Red Light PR New York)

Black Jumpsuit: Lumier by Bariano (Red Light PR New York)

Shoes: yellow strappy sandals by Nanette Lepore & Model’s own

Assorted jewelry from H&M


Team Credits

Photographer: Jubert Gilay (
Makeup: Yu Qing of Makeup Pro Inc. (
Hair:  Shari Edwards (
Model/Muse: Gale (
Assistant to Photographer/Retoucher: Jimmy Cheung (
Photo Edits: Osose Oboh (
Videographer: Jean Paul Dia (
Creative Direction/Fashion Story/Styling: Jennifer Nnamani of Beau Monde Society


(As seen in Okay Africa)

As the muse for the WILDFLOWER photo story, Lilian embodied the interpretation of beauty and mystery. A Rwandan born of the Hutu and Tutsi tribe, Lilian’s journey as an artist was cultivated through time—even during moments of conflict. As a child, she was enveloped in moments of solitude, surrounded by the deadly chaos in Rwanda. Yet, she overcame this tragedy and blossomed into a colorful personality. Inspired by her face and African hue, I took a trip to Los Angeles to capture her essence. She talked about moving to America at the age of 15 shortly after the end of the genocide and beginning to understand the complexities of her unusual background. As a wildflower that grew in the midst of these life-changing events, she remains poised. She’s yet to return to her homeland.


I was inspired by nature, L.A landscape, and her signature haircut. Flowers, African prints, shades of pink and orange were selected for Lilian’s shoot at Venice Beach.

The first look featured the celebrated Demestiks NY wrap dress followed by thrifted pieces and assorted jewelry. Her crown was adorned with fresh flowers while her African continent tattoo came into play towards the end of the shoot



Creative Director/Coordinator/Fashion Storyteller: Jennifer Nnamani of Beau Monde Society
Photographer: Osose Oboh
Makeup Artist & Hairstylist: Sameerah  Hoddison
Model/Muse: Lilian Uwanyuze



(as seen in Elle Magazine South Africa)

Photographer: Jubert Gilay

Makeup Artist/Hairstylist: Make-up Pro INC (Florence Thi, Rebecca Chen, & Evon Lee, Maggie Sui, & Ince Z)

Co-designer: Tamara Leacock of Reciclagem NY

Creative Director/Concept/Fashion Story: Jennifer Nnamani of Beau Monde Society

Location Scout: Jay Medina

B-roll + Video: Samuel Nnamani

African In The City

Photographed by Dexter Jones

Creative Direction/Model Casting/Styling by Jennifer Nnamani

Co-Stylist: Patrick Rogers

Makeup Artist: Monica Regalado

Hairsylist: Shari Edwards

Models: Geli, Carolyna, and Ryan from Major Models

Designs by: Kibonen Nfi for Kibonen NY + Redlight PR Pull

Clandestine Evolution

The story revolves around the scientific equation of nature as it applies to sustainable fashion and art. The goal was to execute a "oneness" with nature whereby each facet is inextricable or interdependent of each other. By merging light and dark elements, and with nature as a backdrop, each look featured the model in an ethereal landscape wearing sustainable designs. The mission of Clandestine Evolution was to purport the future of fashion and immersing in the reality that the survival of our natural habitat depends on its evolution.

Wardrobe Credits:

Reciclagem NY by Tamara Leacock (Black and White dress and hand dyed upcycled dress with chain):
Titania Inglis (Black dress, cropped handmade leather top, and cream dress with hand-dyed sheer cotton cutout):

Jewelry by Natalie Frigo

Team Credits:

Creative Director/Stylist: Jennifer Nnamani

Photographer: Jubert Gilay

Makeup BY MAKE-UP PRO- Yanyan He & Florence Thi

Hairstylist: Shari Edwards

Model: Mary-Margaret from Major Model Management 

Assistant: Ekua Musumba 

Published on Refix Magazine

Bohemian Rhapsody & Wax Story (Part 1)

Fashion Envie 2014 Campaign

Stylist/Creative Director/MUA - Jennifer Nnamani

Photographer - Oye Diran

Hairstylist - Cassandra Normil

Videographer - Rob Jenkins

Models - Zoey & Hassam

Designers: JWhite, Royal Jelly Harlem, and The Silly Simone


Locations: African Market in Harlem & SoHo, New York City

Africa’s influence in fashion for the past decade has been an exciting revelation that the art of fashion began in Africa. With the introduction of plaid into the fashion scene, I wanted to continue that trend by introducing fabrics that most West Africans and Kenyans use in their traditional fashion gear. The Igbo tribe in Nigeria wears the George fabric while the Shuka fabric is worn by the Massai tribe in Kenya.

 Fashion as an art form celebrates our individuality through style. For this NIRVANA shoot, I was inspired by the strength of my maternal grandmother and the pursuit of inner peace. We embellish ourselves in the best money can buy--brand names to disguise ourselves when in actuality, we long to be FREE!

 NIRVANA seen from my fashion perspective is celebrating our inner self, not being attached to labels, and of course, "Challenging The Status Quo!"


Creative Director/Main Stylist/Production Coordinator: Jennifer Nnamani of Beau Monde Society

Photographer (Arista Imagery): Oye Diran

Model: Andrani Foster

MUA: Christopher McKie

Hairstylist: Cassandra Normil

Assistant to Stylist: Ekua Musumba

Videographer/ B-Roll: Rob Jenkins

Nail Artist: Phylicia Henry


Designer Credits: Hats designed by Jennifer Nnamani & Zunyda Maya, Enerjiee eyewear, LYN BORGA bracelet, Vernon McKay leather top and pants, and Global Fusion Productions cape. 


**NIRVANA was published in New African Woman Magazine which is distributed in 50+ countries.

Futuristic AFRICANA: 

Futuristic AFRICANA is a storyline that portrays two strong women of color in their natural element in 2030—free of fake clichés, superficial expectations, and doused with real authenticity. I was inspired by the strength of the women in my family and most importantly, envisioning a future where the African woman embraces who and what she is; the beauty she adds to the universe and her palatable energy that brings forth life. I was also inspired by nature (as most of my creative works are centered around it) and the tranquility it added to some of the shots.

The shoot took place in a small town in Upstate New York that’s unfamiliar to tourist crowd, which allowed for my vision to come to life. Designs by African designers such as Adeleke Sijuwade, Ehi Ene by Olayinka Idowu, and Kibonen NY, All Flo, and shoe designs by John Ashford as well as accessory designer brands: Yumnah Najah, Vivienne Kelly and AMI, Hearts, and Shop Lately adorned the models. Ankara pillows designed by LYN BORGA brought an African flair to the otherwise deserted landscape. With 5 exciting looks and 5 different backdrops, the Futuristic AFRICANA embodies what I hope the future African woman would be. 

Retrocletic: Inspired by the women in the late 50s/early 60s that were coming into their own. The "working woman." No longer feeding into stereotypes that separated them from the opposite sex-- but, overcoming and celebrating our womanhood and contributions to society.

Photographer: Kadeem Lewis Riley 

Hair + MUA: Stephen Hudson

Designs by Reuben Reuel, Darling courtesy of Red Light PR, & Vintage hats provided by Elizabeth Azadi

A Tale Of Two Cities as seen in Afroelle Magazine

Creative Director/Stylist: Jennifer Nnamani
Photographer: Oye Diran
Hairstylist: Kathy Louise Clark
MUA: Moshoodat
Designs by JWHITE Original, Amy Decew, & Reciclagem NY by Tamara Leacock
Jewelry Designs by BUNM-I Jewelry and Design By U

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