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New York, NY

Beau Monde Society is a New York City based eco-focused fashion agency startup specializing in creating colorful fashion stories and event production. Our annual eco-collective, entitled Fashion Envie (Fashion + Environment + Life) highlights independent fashion designers and artists in a curated setting.

Welcome to a Sustainable Future!

Fashion Envie 2017: METAMORPHOSIS

Inspired by climate change and the current political climate, Fashion Envie's METAMORPHOSIS art installation & fashion presentation will address the abrupt reversal of human ethics and the beauty that resistance brings forth. 


Eauseenon’s Autumn Winter 2017 collection, "The Innocents," follows the storyline of a female lead in a vintage horror film through her journey of self-discovery and perseverance. The collection consists of sweet girlish designs with a few bold pieces that possess the essence of a woman. An original print by the designer, the pattern of the melted flowers represents the enigmas and mystical phenomenons that she encounters throughout the film. Monotone pieces, inspired by classic gothic costumes often used in horror films, add a slight edge that symbolizes the female lead’s newfound independence exhibited in the finale. 


Thundress makes coochie-friendly underwear from soft organic cotton and low-impact dyes. The company was born in 2015 when founder, TyleaRichard, became fed up with the way that underwear was made and marketed to women. From the beginning, our products have always been designed to be gentle on sensitive places and bold to the eye. A portion of proceeds from every sale are donated to testing backlogged rape kits. 

Thundress products are designed, cut and sewn in Los Angeles. 

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The new collection from Kahkti is IFUNANYA. Meaning Love in the native language of the Igbo people, an ethnic group of South-eastern Nigeria. The literal meaning of the word is I SEE YOU. "The KAHKTI II is a bit more personal in that it’s an interpretation of my alter-ego and indeed a homage to the alter egos of my fellow immigrants that embracing the shift in their awareness." The collection explores the layers of consciousness in first and second generation African immigrants in juxtaposition to the brand’s central elements which are layering. Loose fits and lines between femininity and masculinity.

Kahkti, (pronounced KAHK-T-EYE) launched early 2016 by Andrea Nnamani is a lifestyle brand which derives its name from the plant cactus (plural Cacti). Andrea, aims to represent strength and hidden treasures by drawing inspiration from her background in anthropology, focusing on African and Asian Aesthetics.