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New York, NY

Beau Monde Society is a New York City based eco-focused fashion agency startup specializing in creating colorful fashion stories and event production. Our annual eco-collective, entitled Fashion Envie (Fashion + Environment + Life) highlights independent fashion designers and artists in a curated setting.

Welcome to a Sustainable Future!

Fashion Envie 2016: Oxo M o n o c h r o m e: DESIGNER LINEUP


Born in Tokyo, Erika enjoyed painting since childhood and studied oil painting in high school. She went on to study basic fashion in Japan under the influence of her mother who was a fashion model and learned design in Antwerp, Belgium afterwards.  After her studies, she established a fashion brand “kielo” and participated in her first runway show in Switzerland. After returning to Tokyo, she showcased more of her collections .

In 2015, Mizuno established an original brand called EAUSEENON originated from the name of flower called erika which is also her name. As a true artist, Mizuno continues to develop her collections mainly through original textile and embroidery drawn independently.

Collection Inspiration

Inspired by 1920's illustration of  Charles Martins and George Barbier, Mizuno infused thin line, floral motifs, and monochrome aesthetics into her newest collection. Her mission: to express a contrast in her designs. Mizuno worked alongside artificial flower designer to create jewelry pieces to be paired with her artistically driven collection. The result: A piece of art inspired by the classics, color, and nature.

For more information, visit her website.


Inspired by all things color, Fei Mancho dives deep within the color wheel by experimenting with the art of dying fabric. After making her first tie dye shirt in high school, Fei was instantly drawn towards the craft. Born in America and highly influenced by her Cameroonian background, Fei combines both cultural experiences to reflect a multi dimensional being and to bring a new take on tie and dye. "There is something about tie dying that creates energy that I tell is tapped from my ancestors, a cultural connection that I know is just right". 
Fei is currently a senior marketing major at University of Maryland, soon to graduate in May 2016.  

Created August 2013 but manifested way before that, Fancy Muffin focuses on self-expression through individual style. Most textiles from Fancy Muffin are hand dyed in house using techniques such as batik and other resist methods of dying to recreate eccentric designs.  All items are handmade with love in house because the craft matters. Fancy Muffin carries out eco-friendly techniques during the creating process of each dyed item. Environmentally friendly practices for water, resource, and energy conservation are used during the dyeing process. The garments are dyed using professional quality low impact fiber reactive dyes. Keeping mama earth happy one item at a time.

Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

The Spring/Summer collection is inspired by psychedelic vibes that will take you on a trip down color land. I am really inspired by the color Indigo Blue, it's such a distant and beautiful color that exudes much energy. "Most of my collection will consist of different shades blue with a hint of mustard yellow. I enjoy the art of hand dying so most of the textiles in the collection will be dyed by me and pieces will be hand painted...because the craft matters!"


Kahkti, (pronounced KAHK-T-EYE) launched early 2016 by Andrea Nnamani is a lifestyle brand which derives its name from the plant cactus (plural Cacti). Andrea, aims to represent strength and hidden treasures by drawing inspiration from her background in anthropology, focusing on African and Asian Aesthetics.


Capsule Collection Inspiration

Harmattan '16 Collection Inspired by the works of Seydou Keita and Malick Sidibe. Both artists sought to illustrate how the African individual communicated their identity as an African and influence of the colonized.


Marielle|Ejiama, launched in 2014 by Mercy Emelike and Jasmine Harrison, believes that the manner in which we actualize our designs is as important as the designs themselves.  Inspired by trailblazers and way-makers, Marielle|Ejiama is both aspirational and thoughtful in our designs. Geometric prints, clean silhouettes, and a consistent commitment to improving our process define our ethos and push us to create clothing that is beautiful and bold from start to finish. 

Dreamt up in Harlem, manufactured around New York, and sourced domestically: Marielle|Ejiama is committed to ethical labor practices and sustainable production processes.


Spring/Summer 2016 Inspiration

Marielle|Ejiama's SS 2016 collection is inspired by the classic t-shirt dress, by zero waste designs, and by desert climates. It features variations on the t-shirt dress, zero waste pants, and tops crafted from salvage fabrics; our color palette includes sandy whites, hazy blues, and warm greens. 

Our signature screen printed textile designs pay homage to geometric abstraction and rhythmic repetition.  

For more information, visit their website.


Nyorh Agwe is a women's lifestyle brand constantly inspired by moments, memories, and experiences. The brand specifically reflects her cross cultural experiences of an African girl growing up everywhere except in Africa.

The brand achieves its aesthetic by combining both traditional ancient handwork techniques from Metta Culture with modern mechanic techniques derived from Nyorh Agwe’s experiences growing up in America. By combining both techniques collections are born reflecting cross pop culture, society, and identification association. 

Through relaying these experiences the Nyorh Agwe brand reflects a woman that is bold, sophisticated, funky, and fearless. She is adventurous. She is imperfect. She is outspoken. She is spirited. She is freedom.

"M'ba M'etta- We the Metta People" Collection

"The collection is my own physical link, through arts, to a culture and to a people that I never knew too well. It became a proclamation that I too am Metta and a reminder to others as well as to Metta People just how special we are"- and thus began the intimate exploration that resulted in the story of this collection. M'ba M'etta is a proposed solution to revival of the lost art form of traditional raffia dyeing by the Metta People of Tugi Village. The delicate practice was performed on all organic fiber fabrics and resulted in bright yellows stained from tree bark dyes and light purples from bush leaves. In the mix of metallic gold silk taffetas and crisp linens are raffia hand wovens and tree prints hand stamped or hand knitted on grand silhouettes that move like the palm leaves of the raffia tree. From statement pants to cozy knits M'ba M'etta's versatility, color, and style proved to be a true representation of the people of Tugi Village. 

For more information, visit her website.